New Look Londonist

By Hazel Last edited 133 months ago
New Look Londonist

Dear readers, you may have noticed something different about Londonist. Do not be alarmed, we have introduced two new things to enhance your enjoyment of Londonist and they are...

... Tags! Instead of being confined to narrow categories, every post is now tagged with specific tags, things that help you find specific kinds of posts (say, all of our Christmas posts) or browse broader categories easily (say, all of our music posts). Very soon, our categories will all be converted into tags save for a few overarching categories that everything posted on Londonist will fit into. We're in the early days so feel free to use both categories and tags for searching along a theme - but let it be known now that tags are the way forward! Tags run along the bottom of each and every post, and if you're signed in with a commenter account, you can add your own.

... and: Different Views! In the top right corner of the site, there is a big thing that says "Full View" (or "Summary View") and a link beside it that says "Change This." Click "Change This" and you can choose from several other views: full, which displays Londonist's content in full on the front page as it always has; summary, which reduces all our posts after the top three to an excerpt; and favourite, which displays only our top-commented and top-recommended posts.

All unregistered, unsigned-in users will default to the "summary" view, though you can easily change your preferences (signed-in or not) by choosing another option. Doing so will set a delicious cookie on your computer that'll keep that preference stored.

We hope that you like both of these changes! Please be sure to let us know if you're having any problems whatsoever.

Last Updated 13 December 2007