Lagerfeld Paris-Londres Look

By Lindsey Last edited 135 months ago
Lagerfeld Paris-Londres Look

The fashion world has been in a glitzy hooha this week as Karl Lagerfeld, AKA The Count (cue: one, one supermodel; AH HA HA HA HA!") jetted in to much celebrity fawning for a posh nosh ding dong at Nobu and the first ever Chanel show in London.

Those who know are hailing the Brit chic collection as beautiful, sumptuous and decadent and intimating design influences from the original Duke of Westminster, the Tudor court, punk and the ubiquitous Amy Winehouse with beehives all around.

Londonist isn't known for its fashion sense but we certainly admire Chanel's aftershow transportation arrangements - specially-commissioned Paris-Londres logo'd black cabs.

One thing bemuses us though. However fond we are of her, how the hell did Lily Allen get to be a "front row luminary" and "Chanel muse?" We didn't realise looking nice in a Primark frock was so powerful.

Image courtesy of Mikey White's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 07 December 2007