Irony-Free Amy News

Dean Nicholas
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Irony-Free Amy News

Londonist was rapped on the nose the other week for cocking a snooty snook at the unending, Tube-clogging newspaper coverage of the travails of Ms. Winehouse, while - yes - covering the story ourselves. Cowed and humbled, we bring you the latest from Chez Amy without any further editorial pawmarks.

With her hubby incarcerated and her private life a whorl of drug-taking and rumours of ill health, Amy has wisely decided a change of scenery is in order. She's fled her Camden pad, with its memories of marital bliss, for pastures new. Winehouse-watchers, fear not - she's only gone as far as east London, where her new neighbours include a certain Peter Doherty. Yes, he of the increasingly portly pasty face and an on-off dalliance with drugs of the class A variety. In other words, probably not the kind of person you want as a pal if going cold turkey is in your immediate plans.

Still, they're making the most of the neighbourly good vibe, with Pete reporting that the two are working on a track together called You Hurt The Ones You Love. The Babyshambles singer also dedicated a song to his new pal whilst performing in Scotland, telling her to "keep her chin up". Sound advice!

It's surely just a matter of time before the gutter press stoke up rumours of a romantic dalliance between the two troubled troubadours. Oh wait.. what was that we said at the top about keeping this post strictly business? Best end it now before we get carried away again.

Image of the East London Line route map (which Amy will do well to make use of now, it closes for refurbishment in December) from diamond geezer's Flickrstream

Last Updated 06 December 2007