More Winehouse News

Dean Nicholas
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More Winehouse News

Hey you there! Pay attention at the back! The latest episode of the sub-EastEnders drama that is Amy Winehouse's life is here, and you don't want to miss out, do you?

Ready? Okay, well, the plot around Camden's royal couple has well and truly thickened. It seems that a Carshalton man has appeared in court, accused of bribing a publican whom he allegedly assaulted with dear Amy's incarcerated husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, last year. The chap was offered a cool £200,000 to nip over to Spain and miss the start of the trial. Fielder-Civil is one of five men charged with perverting the course of....zzzZZZzzz.....

Oh sorry about that, Londonist slipped briefly into a coma. But can you blame us? We love Amy, but the constant flow of stories about the husky-voiced heroin heroine is terminally, tragically boring. We know the woes of Winehouse are keeping a few dozen gossip columnists and headline writers in gainful employment across the city, but really, we are absolutely sick of reading about it. Winehouse has a stunning pair of lungs on her, and in Back To Black she's can take credit for one of the better pop records of recent years, but we're getting a little dismayed at seeing her ubiquitous beehive plastered across every scrap of reading material during rush hour. It hardly does Winehouse any favours to have every minute of her life documented in such close scrutiny, and if she's going to kick the habits that are threatening to destroy her career, a little breathing room would help.

Image of another kind of beehive from net_efekt's Flickrstream

Last Updated 21 November 2007