Thieves Raid Arsenal Ladies' Dressing Room

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Thieves Raid Arsenal Ladies' Dressing Room

The bane of touring indie rock bands has become so pandemic that it now plagues sports teams. The Arsenal Women’s Premier League squad had several items burgled from their dressing room while playing at Watford yesterday.

Passports, cash and credit cards were among the possessions nicked from the dressing room, which of course begs the question of what one does with someone else’s passport. The match between Arsenal and Watford was abandoned before the start of the second half.

In a presumably unrelated story, the Russian rugby team had nine pairs of boots and other equipment stolen from their hotel reception in Romania. With Russia due to play Romania on Sunday, this seems less likely to be part of a crime wave than perhaps an unscrupulous effort to give Romania an edge. Or maybe rugby boots are just hot on the black market these days.

By Amanda Farah

Image adapted from Stringberd's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 02 November 2007