Ken's Hybrid Theory

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Ken's Hybrid Theory

Ken Livingstone, bless him, has brought us six new buses that are more environmentally friendly than our existing red beasts. They'll soon be putting the green back into Greenwich on the 129 route, and chugging round the 360 route between E&C and Kensington.

The new buses are to enter service alongside six that are already on the streets; but the Mayor isn't content yet. By 2012, he wants every new bus joining the fleet to be a hybrid. Good we say, as they're efficient, using 40% less fuel than standard diesel engines—and emit less carbon dioxide to boot.

Just as well, too. We'd hate to be paying for diesel, now oozing at above £1 a litre.

By Kai

Image taken from burge5000's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 08 November 2007