Hidden Bits Of St Paul’s Set To Open

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Hidden Bits Of St Paul’s Set To Open

Thanks to a new grant, previously unseen areas of St Paul’s may be opened to the public. The £250,000 pot from the World Monument’s Fund, could see a new ‘exploration centre’ in the crypt, and access to the Trophy Room, containing Wren’s original model.

But what else might we find when they open up more of St Paul’s?

1. God.

2. Thousands of tourists

3. A couple of Londoners

4. Lara Croft’s entombed remains

5. The parping gallery – hitherto undiscovered feature specially designed to amplify anal exclamations.

6. Christopher’s Wren’s party periwig, decorated with neon tassels and glitter effect.

7. The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies.

8. Ironically pigeon-pecked cadaver of the ‘little old birdwoman’ from Mary Poppins. Still providing avian sustenance long after death.

9. Unexploded bomb, just waiting for the workman’s spade of doom to come along and rewrite the history books.

10. Londonist, working on another nooks and crannies article.

Image taken from King Coyote's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 08 November 2007