Go Jemimah, Go!

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Go Jemimah, Go!

It is pretty cool and rather rare when an almost A-list celeb truly proves their worth, rolls up their sleeves and gets their hands dirty.

Jemimah Khan has in the last day or two shown herself to be a woman of astonishing integrity and courage, and Londonist is feeling like a right bitch for previously thinking anything less of her.

The press call her a ‘former socialite’, but once a socialite, always thus: it is possible to abstain from the party circuit, but it is surely indelibly inked on the memory and personal history. But this is a beautiful lady and devoted mother, who keeps her head down and through largely exemplary behaviour endeavours to keep herself out of the tabloids as much as possible (we’ll forgive her for dating Hugh Grant: it is a fully understandable, um, aberration after all).

Today she has stood up to be counted amongst the protestors outside the Pakistani High Commission in London. Not only as one of the leading lights of the Free Pakistan movement, but also as a supportive ex-wife who is concerned about her ex-husband’s house arrest and the apparent arrest of her former family-in-law. Vindictive ex-wives the world over must surely be gnashing their teeth with contempt. This is a big gesture, and can only come from a big heart. She has this to say:

"We will keep making a noise, to say, 'We know people can't demonstrate in Pakistan but we can here. We're watching what is going on and it's not acceptable.'"

If I was Musharraf I’d be afraid. Well, rather concerned anyway.

Piccie courtesy of Orhan's flickr stream.

Last Updated 19 November 2007