Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Man had up for lewd of-fence
  • A cloud is cast over our earlier story, as the Cutty Sark in fact now looks set for a cutty in funding.
  • The latest excuse for bus tardiness? Sorry, the bus got welded to the road.
  • Much cheered by this ridiculous tale, bus drivers elsewhere have called off a strike which was planned for Wednesday.
  • We’ve only had it for a week, and now we’re selling it: farewell Eurostar line….
  • Junior Londoners look set to break out in spots, in spite of initiatives to the contrary.
  • The BNP is accused of taking the piss. A curry delivery chappy has been mugged for a fiver. When asked, he said ‘he was naan to happy about it and hoped they’d get a good tikka-ing off.’ (Sorry, it’s late, Londonist is tired, and that’s the best we can do.)

    Erotic fence photo care of Steffen M. Boelaars’ flickr photo stream.

    Last Updated 21 November 2007


    Puns about a man being mugged at gunpoint...really?


    Londonist has been mugged and it's not funny. But the only way to rise above the (actual or perceived) surge in violent crime in the city is to see things in a different, lighter way. To laugh. Living with fear and anger is not the way forward.
    On this occasion no-one was injured, and the laugh is entirely on the muggers.
    Londonist would never garner a cheap laugh out of a crime involving injury or worse.