Weekend Round-Up

By SallyB2 Last edited 135 months ago
Weekend Round-Up

Here’s what we’ve learnt out and about this weekend

(while you’ve been shivering indoors trying to find your thermals):

  • The RSPB would like us count robins this year
  • We’ve given up counting the number of shootings each weekend.
  • The police should count themselves lucky that they have apparently found Rachel Nickell’s killer at last.
  • Mayoral race entrants: 3 and counting as Paddick joins the fray
  • We’re losing count of the ins and outs of Respect poilitics
  • An incredibly stupid vandal should be counting his lucky stars after he got away with a caution for tagging a police car.
  • And here's what we think'll happen this week:

  • Locked out of his HQ, George Galloway will come out as a Respectful mayoral candidate instead
  • We'll see pictures of P. Harry with assorted unsuitable blondes. Yawn.
  • & pictures of Harry P. without any unsuitable blondes. Yawn.
  • And there'll be a dozen grossly inaccurate forecasts for Christmas sales on the highstreet.
  • Picture courtesy of Mr. Lerone's flickr stream. Splish splash.

    Last Updated 18 November 2007