Touch Up London: Draw Dragons, Win Prizes

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Touch Up London: Draw Dragons, Win Prizes

Now, you know us. We wouldn't normally play along with some company's marketing schemes and compromise our editorial independence. Not us. No never. Well, hardly ever.

Occasionally, a company dangles something in front of us so tasty that we can't help but bite. If we said it involves dragons, Hampstead Heath and photoshopping skills, then I think you can forgive us for our little dalliance.

Penguin have just launched a new community site for teens, called Spinebreakers. We're not sure why they'd want to incite serious vertebral damage in the youth of our nation - maybe so they're bed-ridden for the rest of their lives and have to buy lots of Penguin books - but there you go. As part of the launch, they're offering signed copies of Melvin Burgess' fantasy novel Bloodsong. It's about a man who must leave everything he knows to go and fight a dragon, and from there descend into the Underworld. Sounds really naff? Well, yeah, but when you hear that the dragon lives on a futuristic, industrially ruined moonscape that was once Hampstead Heath, its credibility improves somewhat.

To win a copy - and, which is more, the unbounded fame and glory that goes with appearing in our Touch Up London series - boot up Photoshop (other products are available) and put together your vision for a post-apocalyptic dragon-ravaged Hampstead Heath. Or any other part of town really. As long as it involves vicious beasties, London and destruction in some way, we'll be happy. Penguin (not a vicious beast) have quite a few signed copies to give away, so it's worth a go, even if your image manipulation skills are on a par with an amputee goose (definitely a vicious beast).

We'll feature the best entries next week, so get playing with the pixels. Closing date is midnight on Sunday.

Last Updated 10 October 2007