The Power of the Post-It

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The Power of the Post-It

Londonist was tickled by an


about a Kingston University chappie who reckons he has found the perfect way to motivate the slothful into taking more exercise. This on a day when this particular Londonista chose to stay in blogging instead of pounding the treadmill.

Lecturer Oliver Webb plastered brightly coloured (we’d like to think they were post-it) notes bearing the words:

“Seven minutes of stair climbing daily protects your heart"

all over the stairwell of a local shopping centre, and then monitored the take-up rate of his advice. Staircase usage increased by a very impressive 190%.

Now obviously notes that remind us about things that we’d rather not think about – like how much we drink, smoke or fail to exercise – can be darned irritating. Nanny government and all that. But even so, frivolous bits of paper are so much friendlier and sillier than formal lecturing that their messages are bound to sink in.

And notes that are fun, and unexpected, and on a pretty shade of paper, really stick in the mind – as guerilla marketers

found out a long time ago.

Londonist actually loves post-it notes – a few choice words, a haiku, a doodle on a well-placed note can be as demonstrative as a giving a bunch of flowers, as happiness-inducing as a bar of choccie, as funny as the slickest stand-up. And we are not alone with our passion – why, people are even making art out of them now.

Post-its are the way forward. Government departments take note.

Image courtesy of tbuesing’s flickr stream.

Last Updated 06 October 2007