News on Four Legs

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News on Four Legs

Well Londonist has run two animal stories into one here, on account of not wanting to look like we’ve gone soft. And to keep all parties happy, there’s a doggy one, and a kitty one.


Although the cat one is actually rather sad: the business of an abused and diseased kitten which was abandoned to die at a West London recycling depot gets us as full of passion and anger as the next daft, animal-mad Brit. But therein lies the rub – the tale is interesting precisely because we are so animal crackers that this made front page of one of the local rags. It attracted an impressive volume of vitriolic curses and hysterical comments for the perpetrators:

"If you are reading this and you know who did this, then I would suggest this person gets some serious help as it is well known that most multiple murderers abused and killed animals when they were younger."

All well and good. But Londonist still laments the superior and sensational pulling power of fur over skin – the power to attract extra oohs, aahs, reams of newspaper space and charitable donations over regular, mundane tales of child neglect and abuse.

The second report is a jollier one – a Bucks based charity (Hearing Dogs for Deaf People) is looking for mutts to train as hearing dogs for the deaf, and apparently has seen a drop in recruitment. Any dog’ll do, but young ones are best for obvious reasons. So if you know of any unemployed puppies/dogs, spread the woof.

Image courstesy of Colin Zhu’s flickr stream.

Last Updated 14 October 2007