Londonist digs cute and fluffy

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Londonist digs cute and fluffy

There. We’ve come out and said it.

When did you last go to the zoo? Our zoo, I mean. You know, the one in Regents Park. The one you got dragged to thrice as a child. We can bet that most of you haven’t been much since then, if at all.

Now London Zoo may not be the world’s oldest, or biggest, but it is one of the most highly respected, and the Zoological Society of London is commendably active in the fields of research and conservation. It is right in the middle of the city, and really easy to get to, and the winter rate is just £13.20 (normal grown-up rate)(which includes a £1.50 donation to the ZSL) – you’ll be hard pushed to get such a good day’s entertainment for that anywhere else in London and around. We actually think that Londoners should be compelled to go every two or three years to get back in touch with their inner tiger, terrapin or toucan.

Anyway, the point of this particular rant is that the society has made some of its old prints and photos newly available to purchase on line. And some of them are jolly interesting (not to mention cute and fluffy). After all, the zoo has been there since 1828, so it has 180 years of history behind it. And the proceeds are of course getting ploughed back into research and breeding programmes.

So if you’re not going to go to the zoo, zoo, zoo, we thought you should get on line and support them that way.

This particular cute and fluffy image courtesy of wokka’s flickr stream.

Last Updated 01 October 2007