London For Free...Mapped

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Last Updated 03 October 2022

London For Free...Mapped

You want entertainment in London, you say? And you want it for free? Well, good sir or madam, you've come to the right place. Anyone who's lived in this fair city for a while knows that free entertainment is actually all around us. From our world-class museums to almost uncountable numbers of galleries; hear talks by some of the planet's great thinkers, and japery from the best new comics. It's all free, and it's all here on our new interactive map.

Actually, it's not all here. This is a newborn, a work-in-progress. The city is so immense, there's no way we can comprehensively cover it on our own. So please help. Leave suggestions in the comments. We're particularly weak on free music and comedy, but all knowledge welcome. Come on - we need to balance out all those poncey galleries. Look at them spreading out over London like green nosespatter.

A few basic rules for inclusion:

1. Venues should offer free entertainment/art at least once a week (may be seasonal). We're not after one-off events.

2. No pre-booking usually needed (i.e. you can normally just turn up).

3. Things like changing of the guard and street performers are not included, but the line can be blurry, and we might be persuaded.


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