Horror Film Pub Quiz

By Hazel Last edited 135 months ago
Horror Film Pub Quiz

It's the week for spooky goings on and ever more events are coming to our attention. On Halloween night itself, our favourite quiz masters the You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat film quiz chaps are hosting a horror special.

If you want to show off your knowledge of cinematic zombie uprisings, killer earthworms, vampires, werewolves, evil puppets and psychopathic homicidal revenge-seeking cross-dressers then get yourself along to the Boogaloo in Highgate this Wednesday night with a team, a team mascot, some beer money and a change of clean pants. These boys use high quality film clips on high-spec projectors for these quizzes so the gore, the screams, the unconvincing rubber monster outfits will all be broadcast with knicker-shredding clarity.

The prizes are pretty scary too: last year's top prize was a life-size Chucky doll which would frankly have been left at the bar if we had won. We've seen the films. We know what happens when you take one of those things into your home. This year's prize is no less terrifying and of a doll-like nature, along with some slightly less frightening things to take home on the tube like champagne and horror movie DVDs.

Good luck and if you get stuck, do what they always do horror flicks: split up and send the pretty blonde one into the basement on her own to find out exactly where the deranged mutant inbred farmer keeps his combine harvester.

You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Film Quiz - Horror Special, at the Boogaloo pub, nearest tube station is Highgate. The quiz starts at 8.30pm and entry is £2.00. For more information, go to the quiz website here.

Last Updated 29 October 2007