Spooky Goings On

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Spooky Goings On


Hooray! It's nearly Halloween! Jack-o-lanterns a plenty, scary masks and annoying trick or treaters who get hyped up on way too many e-numbers (and probably a few cans of cider nowadays). Still, there's so much stuff going on this year, you'd be a fool to stay inside hiding under your sofa this 31st October.

It just wouldn't be Halloween without the Rocky Horror Show. So Everyman Cinema snapped up this spooky treat. Dress up, drink blood-curdling cocktails and enjoy. "It's just a jump to the left..."

If you love pumpkin, get yourself to Covent Garden Piazza for the Annual Pumpkin festival. Eat it, wear it, decorate it...

If you fancy being scared to death, then we think it's best to do it on a boat. (Why not?) Sweet Witchery is perfect for you and promises to be full of scares and spooky tales.

All Hallow's Eve just wouldn't be the same without a trip to The London Dungeon and we bet it's going just be even scarier just for the occasion.

Don't think we're scaring you enough? Tougher than we give you credit for? Well these spooky walks should do the trick: www.walks.com covers everything from Alleyways, Apparitions and Ale, Ghosts, Gaslight and Guiness and a good ol' Haunted London tour. There's also the Special Halloween Tour.

Fancy some haunted houses? Well, you're braver than us but here you go: The lesser known Charlton House and Hampton Court are putting on terrifying tours. Or creep around 50 Berkeley Square - rumoured to be London's most haunted house.

Don't forgot the usual scary film releases and the West End is still showing the (apparently not very spooky) Woman In Black. Macbeth can be quite scary too. As for clubbing, we''ll be apple-bobbing at Trash Palace. They've promised us nu-rave zombies and the need for 3D glasses. 'Tis free and we're suckers for a pair of 3D glasses.

But, you could always celebrate to traditional way. Cut some holes out of a bed sheet, throw it over your head and go and scare your next door neighbour silly.

Image with thanks from Virgil Yendell, taken at Selena's Pumpkin Carving extravaganza.

Know of any more spooky events we should be shouting about? Well don't keep it to yourself, let us know!

Last Updated 29 October 2007