Happy Diwali

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Happy Diwali

Well it’s awfully good of that nice Mr. Livingstone to organise stuff in Trafalgar Square, and we are all too sorry that we didn’t have time to go to his Diwali day on Sunday 28th October.

But Londonist would remind you that Diwali isn’t actually until the 9th of November, and there’s loads more going on by way of celebration. And so that we can live up to our reputation as the world’s 93rd most useful blogsite, we have rounded up our pick of the capital’s brightest, lightest events to mark this Festival of Light.

This Saturday sees a huge parade, fireworks and the opportunity for a bit of a bop in Wembley. There is an exhibition, followed by a colourful procession from Alperton tube to the main venue, Barham Park. Last year the event attracted 20,000: expect busy, bustley and lots of whizz-bang-flash.

On the 8th November there is a Diwali Mela at Club Boulevard in Ealing: this rather bling venue is actually pretty good at laying on special nights, so get your glad-rags on, practice your bhangra moves and off you go.

Then on November 9th there’s a bit of a shindig at the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. The landmark in Neasden is the biggest Hindu temple outside India, and witnessing Diwali celebrations set against the backdrop of this magnificent, white fairytale creation is on the top ten of this Londonista’s ‘things to do in London before, well, at some stage anyway’. There’ll be loadsa fireworks, and plenty of stalls laden with food and handicrafts.

Want something a bit more sedate? Also on the 9th the National Maritime Museum is hosting an evening of workshops and performances.

Finally, another club special run by Kismet at Bertorelli’s in Holborn: food, entertainment and clubbin’ all under one roof. Flash, dressy but recommended nevertheless.

But d’ya know, Londonist’s hot tip for Diwali is actually simply to take a drive around the North Circular between Hanger Lane and Wembley (and this is the only time you will ever hear us recommending the North Circular for anything at all: promise), and check out the skyline – on the 9th November it will be like Never Never Land, alive with light.

Pretty picture courtesy of Nehavish's flickr stream.

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