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Yup, they go back tonight. Londonist is ridiculously cheered by this thought. A whole extra hour, magically injected into the weekend (OK, so officially it’s at 2am, but who cares).

Londonist actually likes the idea so much that we think that things should go back an hour every weekend.

Anyway, it’s Saturday evening, and those sixty minutes are still dangling before you. So what to do with it, eh? What to do? What can you do with one extra hour in London?

Here’s our top ten (actually not top ten: more like randomly devised ten) suggestions:

i) Drinkin’ – there must be somewhere that kind of fiddles an extra hour into its licensing hours. In theory London has a whole extra hour of partying tonight.

ii) Writin’ – spend the hour reading Londonist and responding to our witterings. We always like to hear from you. Oh, but preferably not after i) above.

iii) Trash TV – guilt-free for once, as the hour has been given free, gratis and for nothing. The X-Factor, Casualty – take your pick. Just sit there and let the eyes slowly glaze over….

iv) be a tourist for an hour, take a tour, hop on the Eye, look at your city in a new light – you don’t need to take your extra hour at night, but can rather redeem it any time during Sunday. (Londonist always feels that it kind of expires at about 6pm on Sunday.)

v) try out a new hobby for free, or make at least one step towards doing something you’ve always wanted to do..

vi) do something really decadent with your Sunday, whether it is day-time clubbin, or buying an extra newspaper and taking the phone off the hook for an hour, or having a simply mega-brunch session.

vii) Hmmm, it goes against our better judgment, but you could use it to do something virtuous. No, we don’t mean go to church/mosque/synagogue…but you could get back into your gym routine, or even give up the weed.

viii) go for a walk: Londonist likes trotting along the Thames, but you could do something really simple like your local park, or try taking the first left followed by the first right and then the first left again... and see where you get to after half and hour of walking. The other half hour is to get back again, of course.

ix) spend an hour thinking about what you could do with an extra hour

x) Zzzzzzz!!!! Sorry, but this is probably our favourite.

Anyway, enjoy. Don’t waste it.

Picture courtesy of djbrady’s flickr photo stream.

Last Updated 27 October 2007