Which Building Best Symbolises London?

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Which Building Best Symbolises London?

This chesty old hoare-nut comes round time and again. What's the most emblematic edifice in the capital? To end all debate, Londonist went in for a more scientific approach than petty arguing on a forum. We visited all the London web sites we could think of. In each case, we noted down which structures the site features in its logo or banner. The one chosen by the most websites wins. So was it Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye? Join us after the jump to find out the rankings...

And the winner is...

...Big Ben and/or the Palace of Westminster. The Barry/Pugin masterwork is featured on 19 of 27 websites. St Pauls is in second position with 13 inclusions. And Tower Bridge third with 12 apperances.

Suprisingly, City Hall beats Westminster Abbey. And One Canada Square - the tallest building in the UK - only gets a single pick.

The results in full:

19 Big Ben/Palace of Westminster

13 St Paul's Cathedral

12 Tower Bridge

11 London Eye

7 Gherkin

6 Tower 42

5 BT Tower

4 City Hall, Eros, Nelson's Column, Tower of London

3 Millennium Bridge

2 Buckingham Palace

1 Bank of England, 1 Canada Square, Cannon St Bridge, Centre Point, Covent Garden, Custom House, Harrods, Thames Barrier, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Willis Building

And the web sites sampled: All London Tours, ExploreLondon, Federation of Small Businesses London, Flora London Marathon, FridayCities, London Art Prints, London Daily, London Development Agency, London First, London Guided Tours, London Higher, Londonist, LondonLit+, LondonTown.com, Lonely Planet Guide to London, LSE, Nature Network London, netLondon.com, This is London, Time Out London, TourGuides.co.uk, Tour London, Trusted Places, University of London, Visa Flex.com UK, Visit London, We Hang Here.

Last Updated 03 September 2007