This Week's Charity Fundraising Stunt

By Lindsey Last edited 136 months ago
This Week's Charity Fundraising Stunt

We clearly don't think as ambitiously as Tim Slater, organiser of the world's largest underwater dinner party who got 500 people in black tie and evening dress to eat a 3 course meal, underwater, in Acton on Saturday. After all, we thought growing beards for Battersea was a pretty wacky way to raise some cash.

The key to underwater dinner is jelly; a fine coating of which made the salmon, vegetables and toffee apple morsels hold together in the pool although clearly the delicate consumption of the formal meal was a challenge. In this Telegraph video Actor, James Dreyfus, admitted that swallowing half the pool along with his food was "pretty disgusting".

6 charities will benefit from the sponsored diners' efforts to breathe, eat and not drown but this was also a world record breaking attempt. The previous record holders were a Comic Relief crew, headed up by Jimmy Nail in 1991 when around 100 people took part. The stunt was, unsurprisingly, awarded the golden nose for "Maddest Sporting Event".

Still, it was all in aid of good causes and while Acton's diners wait for confirmation from the Guiness Book of World Records of the exact size of their sub-aquatic achievement they all received a "certificate of insanity" for participating and can feel jolly pleased with themselves for raising a large amount of cash.

Which just leaves us wondering, where will fundraising go next?

Last Updated 24 September 2007