The End of Civilisation as we know it?

By SallyB2 Last edited 136 months ago
The End of Civilisation as we know it?

Londonist is very very worried. Standards are slipping. Things ain’t what they used to be (actually they ain’t been that way for quite a long time, but hey).

We have learnt this very evening of a new product made in Weybridge which attempts to undermine all of Londonist’s attempts at refinement, and indeed chip away at the very fabric of society.

We are talking about the ready-filled, disposable wine glass. With a sticky foil seal across the top, you know, like yoghurts have. With a best-before date on it.


Okay, enough melodrama. But this is just about the most, er, unwelcome offering that we have seen from the already over-productive packaging industry.

Londonist likes wine. Quite a lot as it happens. But the whole thing about wine is the ritual, the pop of the cork, the glug as you pour, the chink of the glass…. We figure that if you are that desperate that you need your wine ready poured, you’d be better off just sticking a straw in a bottle.

We can see that at festivals and the like plastic glasses are a safer bet – but long life wine for goodness sake?

Londonist is clumsy and breaks things too, and we concede that glass glasses are not always the best option – but some things are just not meant to be compromised….

Photo courtesy of Mel B’s flickr stream. No, we don’t think it’s that Mel B.

Last Updated 01 September 2007