Stars in their eyes

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Stars in their eyes

Londonist was awfully tickled to learn of the launch of London’s very own ‘Starmap’. From this day forward, for the price of £5.95, eager tourists and starry-eyed Londoners will be able to follow in the footsteps of their fave ‘A’ list celebrities. Not only can they stalk them at home, but they can hang out, paparazzi style at the right bars and restaurants to star spot, and even re-enact bestest bits from London movies on location.

Hollywood has long offered this facility to the star-struck, voyeuristic or just plain curious: it is amazing really that it has taken so long for London to catch up. It is of course well known that London is the cultural capital of the universe – it is good to know that we are also striving for recognition in the sphere of tinsel and tat as well.


Anyway, tongue in cheek aside, we cannot see that this map will do any particular harm. Thanks to the sterling work of the gentlemen of the press, famous sorts can barely move in London without being snapped and commented upon, and so this wonder map is not really divulging anything new. We were a bit alarmed to note the nature of the job advert for map vendors, but we will put this down to over-zealous marketing.

This is a natural bi-product of the current success that our city is enjoying as a cool and happening resort. Londonist would love to have written a witty but denigrating post poo-poo-ing the whole idea – but most of us are just a teensy bit curious and impressed by fame and the famous, and some of us even admit to the childish and decidedly uncool retention of an autograph book…

Image courtesy of what what’s flickr stream.

Last Updated 06 September 2007