London Walking Weekend

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London Walking Weekend

As if Open House wasn’t enough to get you exploring the capital tomorrow, TfL announce London Walking Weekend.

They’ve arranged free walks in every borough and have a big tent at the Mayor’s Thames Festival to offer further advice.

As usual with such things, they’ve conducted a questionnaire to make the job of the headline writer a little easier. We’re told that 1 in 6 Londoners think Embankment and Charing Cross stations are a kilometre apart. And 1 in 10 of us believe Waterloo and Covent Garden are a 45 minute slog away from each other (actually, it’s a short stroll over Waterloo Bridge).

It’s all part of a £126 million three-year TfL scheme to get us walking more. We suggest they employ Bob Crow to mastermind the project.

Photo taken from JustABoy's Flickr photostream.

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