Death Woof

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Death Woof

Film maker extraordinaire Quentin Tarantino has arrived in the UK to promote the DVD release of his latest film, Death Proof. Nothing newsworthy in that per se. But the whens, whos and wherefores of this publicity event are nothing short of astonishing.

Londonist has learnt that the movie icon snucked (or was dragged) along to Wimbledon Dog Stadium on Monday evening where he watched the likes of Shayne Ward, Charlie Simpson (from Busted) and a band called the Pigeon Detectives (great name for a band, actually) vroom around in a ‘celebrity’ banger match (which this Londonista would hope was for charity). The former X factor winner won and was accorded the honour of spraying the great one with champagne before receiving a prize. Something to do with Sky TV as well.

Er, why?


Nothing wrong with visiting the tracks (even if it is to watch cars). Nowt wrong with Wimbledon either - it is always good to see these Hollywood types venturing out of the West End. But the combination of C list celebs, and Monday evening and SW17 is slightly surreal.

We can see no sign of the director’s career going to the proverbial dogs, whether racing or reservoir, although he is a tad precious at times and apparently needs a year between each film to recover:

"I am a writer-director. With the exception of Jackie Brown I write all my own stuff. I write it from scratch. That is hard f**king work".

"You have to wait for my movies, but they are worth the wait," he added

Perhaps Mr. Tarantino asked for something quirky and uniquely British to celebrate the launch. But if not this has to be the most bizarre celebrity non-event of which Londonist has heard for a while. Sack the PR people.

Image courtesy of sir mildred pierce’s flickr stream.

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