Bear Bites Back

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Bear Bites Back

Since we announced to the world that all round top London icon and friendly bear, Paddington, is headed for Hollywood, there's been a resurgence of interest in our marmalade munching mate. What with all those late night botox parties, coke fuelled awards scraps and high class hookers just around the corner you'd have thought that what old Paddington slaps between two pieces of bread would be the least of anyone's worries.

But now revered author Michael Bond has come to the defence of our portly ursine snacker after his appearance in a Marmite commercial raised some controversy:

I have to report that although Paddington found the sandwiches interesting, bears are creatures of habit... It would require a good deal more than the combined current withdrawals from Northern Rock to wean him off marmalade, if then.

The managing director of Paddington and Co who sold the rights to Marmite makers Unilever, Bond's daughter Karen Jankel, also defended the move saying that:

The point of the advert is that Paddington always has marmalade in his sandwiches. He simply tries Marmite.

This is of course, all slightly ridiculous, but sacred cows, or bears, are what they are. So perhaps now we've cleared this up all those misguided corporate marketing muppets can stop fucking around with our childhood memories before we start looking for the torches and pitchforks once again. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for Marmite's 'do you spit or do you swallow' campaign with Jenna Jameson.

Image taken from bluebluewater's flickr photostream

Last Updated 20 September 2007