When'sa your election day?

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When'sa your election day?

Ah, that's what we like to see. Sensible policies for a happier London. Over at ConservativeHome, which in this period of the Tory selection for their London mayoral candidate is pretty much the place to keep up with proceedings, Hammersmith and Fulham councillor Harry Phibbs sets out a five-point plan he'd like to see Boris, sorry the successful Tory candidate (whoever that might be), implement if elected Mayor:


• A big reduction in the Mayor's £300 council tax precept. Phibbs recommends cutting City Hall staffing levels back to where they were in 2000

• An end to the Uxbridge Road tram

• An end to the tower blocks that are (apparently) ruining London's skyline

• A return to the Routemaster

• An imaginative idea for the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square

Warwick Lightfoot, Andrew Boff, Harry Phibbs, are these real names? And we can't help feeling we've seen this Phibbs character somewhere before too.

Londonist will be asking the four Tory hopefuls about their policies in due course. Whether they answer or not is a different matter.

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Last Updated 01 August 2007