Touch Up London: Last Chance To Vote

By M@ Last edited 137 months ago
Touch Up London: Last Chance To Vote

The five images above were all contributed by members of the SkyscraperCity forums. Good, huh? Well, some of them are. We'll be giving prizes to the top three, as voted for by you. Yes, we're getting ever more like a desperate TV channel. Coming soon: Shark Week. To be followed by great battles of WWII.

To register your vote (and you can vote for more than one image), go to our archive page and click 'recommended' on your faves. Note that if you view the images in other places (the front page, or permalinks) the recommend count may differ. Blame Gothamist, who wrote the code. But wherever you vote it will aggregate on the archive page, and these are the numbers we'll judge winners by. Have we lost you by this point? Good. That means we can write whatever we like. Everyone in South London smells of badger and Kingston is shit no matter which way you look at it.

Last Updated 19 August 2007