Street Wars Hits London

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Street Wars Hits London

Londonist would like to introduce their very own special agent. Well, in the assassin water pistol world anyway. We're going to call him 'Derek'. This isn't his real identity and he may not even be a man. Why all the secrecy? Well we've been following Derek as he plays Street Wars, the three week event where people all over London are getting soaked with water pistols in the name off war. Or silliness. If you haven't got a clue what we're talking about, take a look at the previous post so it makes a bit more sense.

We can't really tell you much about Derek. We can't tell you where he lives, where he works or what he's up to at the moment. We can't tell you what he looks like, but he's a secret agent so there's no harm in picturing Daniel Craig. What we can tell you is a bit about the stuff he's up to and how he's feeling. After all, this Londonist 'secret agent' could be being followed 24/7. He's going to be watched on his way to work, stalked on the way home and generally driven mad. Sounds fun, huh?

We can tell you this much: Derek isn't taking any chances (we're talking cameras and his very own bodyguards here!) and he 'killed' his first mark pretty quickly (horray!). He's even been known to climb a few trees to get a better view of surrounding areas but Londonist thinks this might just be for fun! He also makes very bad aqua based jokes including calling himself 'Double Eau Seven'. Try and forgive him. It's endearing. Honest.

OK, so we know this isn't very much to go on, but we are undercover here after all. We're being shared some top secret info which is pretty exciting. And don't forget, Derek's next target could be reading this (yes, you with your coffee when you're meant to be working). They could be hoping for some sort of clue. But Londonist isn't that stupid and has hopefully backed a winner in what looks to be a really interesting game. So let us know what you think and show Derek some support.

Just a game? No, it's much more than that. It's war.

Last Updated 17 August 2007