Spring Heeled Jack 2.0?

By Lindsey Last edited 139 months ago
Spring Heeled Jack 2.0?

The very same weekend that we profile the strangeness of London’s enigmatic Spring Heeled Jack, news reaches us of supernaturally swift ambush attacks in Chingford Mount Cemetery.

Nicknamed the “Gazelle” in recognition of his nifty getaway sprint, we can’t help drawing some parallels between our mysterious Jack, famous for leaping out at ladies, eyes aglow, ripping their clothes and legging it, with this here Gazelle, springing on unattended cars and nicking stuff whilst the owners are off visiting the graves of loved ones. Apparently the Gazelle has even broken into an officiating vicar’s car as well as a surveillance vehicle.

Audacious, the pair of them.

One of the Gazelle’s elderly victims surmises “I can only assume he is on drugs, he has no morals at all”. Frankly, we can’t imagine being able to run so fast and evade capture so successfully on drugs. No, Londonist is more inclined to suspect that the spirit of Spring Heeled Jack – dormant this last century – is emerging from the graveyard to wreak havoc once more. Bwuahaha!!

No seriously, anyone with any information on the Gazelle should call Larkswood Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0208 721 2648 although, we suspect if you infer any supernatural element to the crimes you may well get marked for the loony pile.

Image courtesy of aeillill's vintage Victorian Flickrstream

Last Updated 06 August 2007