Soggy London Mapped

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Soggy London Mapped

Last week we reported on Walk Score, a tool for people who want to take positive steps towards greener living. This week, something for our more pessimistic readers: Flood Maps. Another twist on Google Maps, look up where you live or where you’re thinking of moving to, type in the amount you predict sea levels will rise, and find out whether you’re going to end up underwater.

Projecting sea level rise is problematic. A temperature increase of at least 1°C is pretty inevitable in our lifetime, optimistically low in fact, but other factors make it difficult to predict how this might equate to water levels. If some peoples' projections come true and temperatures increase by 3°C by 2050, the Greenland ice sheet will melt, causing a probable 6m sea level rise. Battersea would be completely submerged, as well as the area from Camberwell to Rotherhithe, and also a scary amount of the Thames Gateway.

A great tool for helping people realise that global warming will directly affect our city, Londonist would still appreciate more definite information on predicted temperature rises, and a better idea of the link between temperature rise and sea level rise. If you have any info or links, please leave a comment.

Have a look at the effect anywhere in the world or go straight to London.

By Cate Trotter

Last Updated 15 August 2007