Poor Old Christian Slater

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Poor Old Christian Slater

Poor, old Christian Slater?

Yes. Literally.

It seems that the devilishly handsome Hollywood star's previous stints larging it up in London during his "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" run bled him dry and knackered him out.

Slater's returning to the West End to star in a new adaptation of cult 1994 movie "Swimming with Sharks" in October this year but won't, unfortunately, be bringing back his exuberant rock 'n' roll ways to tickle the tabloids with.

However, seeing as he loves London as much as we do:

This place is like heaven to me, it feels like coming home.

...we'll be accepting of his reformed ways and, ever helpful, Londonist will be emailing him at the Vaudeville Theatre with our very own weekly Londonist Stays In and London On The Cheap posts.

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Last Updated 09 August 2007

Dave Knapik

He must have been caning it really hard to end up skint, or else the royalties from "Pump Up The Volume" are rather poor.

According to my calculations:

* two large gins: £9
* two pints of cider: £6
* ice in the cider: £0
* Missing out on Monday but coming up smiling on Tuesday: priceless

Christian should just party with me, for I know how to rock it on the cheap! I'd even be extravagant and buy him a packet of crisps.