Londonist Stays In

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Londonist Stays In

It's summer! Shouldn't you be outside enjoying the sunshine? That is, assuming we actually get any. If you don't fancy making the most of the weather, here are a few choices for a night in.

On TV, Londonist likes:

Tuesday, 21 August

Secret Life of the Motorway (BBC4, 21:00-22:00) What screams "summer holidays" more than being stuck on the motorway on your way to or from somewhere fabulous? You'll be sure to love this documentary on the secret hidden life of Britain's 2,211 miles of motorways then. It's much more fun watching someone talk about motorways than being stuck on one. Parts two and three air on Wednesday and Thursday at the same time.

Thursday, 23 August

Vodafone Summer Series (ITV1, 23:00-23:35) Kasabian perform in an outdoor concert from Somerset House. Danny Dyer hosts the show and gets up close and personal with the band behind the scenes.

Saturday, 25 August

The Truth About Boy Bands (ITV1, 21:40-22:40) Since it's summer and we're all allowed to take a break from thinking serious thoughts, a documentary about the rise and fall of boybands should fit the bill nicely. Enjoy the drama as (gasp!) some of the boys can't handle the stress! Ironically narrated by girl band member Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton.

On the radio, Londonist likes:

Tuesday, 21 August

Bill Hicks: The First Rock 'n' Roll Comic (BBC Radio 2, 22:30-23:30) Is comedy the new rock 'n' roll? This profile of American comedian Bill Hicks takes a look at the controversial comedian, who has only grown more popular since his 1994 death. Presented by Phil Jupitus, this programme is sure to be interesting and entertaining.

Thursday, 23 August

The Clinton Years (BBC Radio 4 , 21:30-21:58) Londonist very much enjoyed Bill Clinton when he was at the O2 earlier this month, and it turns out he's a pretty interesting guy. Part 2 of this series looks at Clinton as he faces off against Republican Newt Gingrich.

Online, Londonist likes:

Balham Trivia Londonist always likes learning trivia about different bits of London, and this page full of trivia about London's Gateway to the South gives us lots of facts to store up for the next Londonist pub quiz. Did you know there's been a Sainsbury's in Balham since 1888? Well, now you do.

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