He Came To London To Seek His Fortune

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He Came To London To Seek His Fortune


As the name suggests, this post could be something out of a fairy tale. Well, a modern day one anyway. So, are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin.

Once upon a time there was a lovely pensioner called Dick Whittington who left his home in Weston Super-Mare in Somerset to come to London to seek his fortune. Or, rather, his pension. He, like many others reckon it's about time there was a rise in pensions. He arrived in London last Friday with a petition, delivered straight to Downing Street. On a mobility scooter.

Now, we know this isn't quite like the original (this Dick Whittington doesn't have a cat with him unfortunately). But these scooters travel at a snails pace. It took him ten days to get here at around 15 miles a day. (He had a tent attached to the back for naps.) Not bad for the 65 year old former head teacher.

Now, for those of you who remember the original story (ah, wasn't it great?), you'll recall that Mr Whittington's namesake not only made his fortune, but also became mayor of London. That would be impressive. With protest tactics like this, he could give Ken and Boris a run for their money. Maybe then the people of London Town would all live happily ever after.

Image of mobility scooter (maybe or maybe not Mr Whittington's as he stopped for a quick pint) taken from Nicobobinus' flickr stream.

Last Updated 17 August 2007