I Hear You're A Racist

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I Hear You're A Racist

Crikey! Boris Johnson has been accused of being a racist – again – this time by the New Nation newspaper, who have provided a handy cut out and keep guide (pictured) to the Tory mayoral hopeful's 'offensive remarks' over the years. The historic problem with Boris, as many in his own party would agree, is that he's always wanted to be all things to all people. Colourful MP on board with the Cameron Project to not be 'the nasty party' anymore? Sure. Right-wing columnist for the Telegraph knocking out quick copy to delight their mildly bigoted elderly readership? His byline's there.

Tory sources are wont to point out this is part of a concerted attack by allies of Livingstone, as this letter to the Guardian, from an array of GLA-funded organisations attests. Either way, with ethnic minority Londoners forming a significant chunk of the electorate, not to mention the fact that most Londoners are no Alf Garnetts themselves, Boris' once impregnable sheen as an alternative you've heard of appears to have clouded over, allowing Livingstone to retake his lead in the polls ahead of next May. Which, for one, will teach his PR people not to ignore our request for an interview, which his rivals kindly obliged with.

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