Who Moved David Attenborough’s Cheese?

By Lindsey Last edited 138 months ago
Who Moved David Attenborough’s Cheese?

The dog ate it. The best excuse ever. In this case, however, the cheesy whole truth.

Fitz is a dog that stops at nothing for his nosh. Owner Adam Curtis, Assistant Manager at Richmond Park, should have known better than to leave his hungry hound in snuffling distance of a 1.5kg Duddleswell sheep’s cheese destined for Sir David’s buffet plate at the Thames Landscape Strategy’s Summer Event.

The German shorthaired pointer is known to be a “fine, natural retriever”. With a prior conviction for wolfing 2 date and walnut cakes ripped from a zipped up rucksack behind him, Fitz is evidently exemplary for his breed, encountering very little resistance retrieving the £50 cheese:

"Fitz busted through three doors to get at it," said Mr Curtis. "One door had warped so opened easily. The second one was open already and the third sprang open under Fitz's weight."

Fitz is apparently suffering no ill effects, post-binge, although the vet warned of imminent constipation. Sir David was unavailable for comment.

Image from noeltykay's Flickrstream courtesy of the Creative Commons licence.

Last Updated 11 July 2007