We're In Our Element

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We're In Our Element

Nothing’s more mashable than the Periodic Table. It’s the ultimate nerd icon and eminently adaptable for other purposes.

A Periodic Table of the Internet is currently doing the rounds, bringing the concept into the 21st Century. A genius idea. Not least because all the smaller sites on the Table are sure to blog about it, thus perpetuating its longevity.

And now it’s our turn. Look, there we are. Bottom right corner. Propping up such news behemoths as the New York Times, Wired and the BBC. How chuffed are we?

Not as chuffed as you might think. You see, Londonist is a chemistry graduate, and we know full well that the final column represents the inert gasses. That is, really boring, unreactive substances. Not only that, but we’re in the position of Ununoctium, a barely detectable, highly unstable element. Thank you very much.

Still, at least we have 118 times as many protons as Yahoo, and we’re unlikely to form bonds with MySpace.

Last Updated 11 July 2007