Tennis Lloyd Auctions Tiny Lloyds

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Tennis Lloyd Auctions Tiny Lloyds

Size really is everything to Willard Wigan. Using an intricate surgical blade and an eyelash for a paintbrush he sculpts minute, marvellous, teeny weeny things. One such, his piece de resistance, is an incredibly detailed replica of the famous Lloyds Building sculpted on a pinhead.

A pinhead! Imagine that. While you're there, imagine a Scotty dog in a grain of sand, Marilyn Monroe the size of a microdot and the Statue of Liberty in the eye of a needle. You can't, can you? Well Wigan's collection of 70 incey wincey masterpieces was recently insured for £11 million, yet the whole lot could fit inside a matchbox. David Lloyd, former tennis supremo and health club entrepreneur has outed himself as the owner of the collection and, this month, Wigan received an MBE for his services to arts.

Mini-Lloyds was to be auctioned off today for charity inside the real sized Lloyds Building where it forms the showcase of the David Lloyd exhibition.

The incredible Mr Wigan, who has learning difficulties, has carved himself an artistic, industrious niche; although, he admits he doesn't really enjoy his labours as the very pulse through his fingertips or the vibrations from traffic can ruin his microscopic endeavours. He says:

It is impossible to enjoy the work when you are doing it

Still, what he really does enjoy is other people's wonder and joy at his miniscule marvels so it's just as well the collection is being sold under condition that it is exhibited to the public.

Image courtesy of Lloyds (copyright free)

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