Taj Mahal Floating On The Thames? It Must Be India Now!

By Craigie_B Last edited 136 months ago
Taj Mahal Floating On The Thames? It Must Be India Now!

From next week London will be hosting India Now, a three-month season of events exploring London’s relationship with India and India's culture.

It all kicks off with a hefty PR stunt on the morning of 17 July, when a replica of the Taj Mahal will sail down the Thames.

Yes, really.

It will start from Millbank and head down-stream - pausing for photo opps beside Parliament, the London Eye and Tate Modern. Somewhat like a hanger-on at a B-list party, it will hover next to these more established stars in the hope for some nice photos to turn up in the media the next day. To finish off, it will loiter next to City Hall. Celebs will be on hand through the morning to generate press coverage, including Rahul Dravid (the India cricket team captain), Joanna Lumley OBE (who was born in India) and the odd Bollywood starlet and fashion designer that we don't recognise right now but may do when they appear.

We don't know if Shilpa will turn up, but she tends to be around at the opening of a carton of milk so we guess she'll sneak in, nibble at a canape and do that 'distracted looking into the middle distance' thing.

The whole season includes over 1,500 events dedicated to Indian art, film, food, theatre, music and fashion - such as: a Trafalgar Square festival in August (think: huge art installations, photography, temporary restaurants, incense everywhere), an Indian fashion show at the V&A, Indian films at Somerset House, and smaller gems like the London Gandhi walk that we have already previewed for you (aren't we good?).

London will be awash with Bollywood stars, new artists, and upcoming actors and dancers. Full information on all the events planned is up here. This might be just the right time to whip out that London Bollywood Map too.

Last Updated 10 July 2007