Stop The Clock! Stop The Clock!

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Stop The Clock! Stop The Clock!

Londonist loved Treasure Hunt. It was so exciting. Annika Rice running around in a jump suit, cameraman Graham up her arse and a shiny helicopter to scoot from one end of Wiltshire to the other solving clues, avoiding scary Wincy Willis and hunting for, what was usually rubbish, treasure.

Sadly, Treasure Hunt and even its successor, Interceptor (Annabel Croft and nowhere near as good) have long gone but you can relive the thrill of the chase, the race against the clock and the pursuit of prizes this Saturday as The City Chase comes to London.

The City Chase is running events in 9 countries this year, culminating in a world championship in Rome in September with the 9 winning country teams competing. If you’re feeling feisty and clued up, have a partner willing to play with you and £100 to fritter away, then there’s still time to register.

The Chase kicks off on Saturday 21 July at 10.00am from Potters Fields by Tower Bridge. There’s a group warm up beforehand to get the adrenaline going. You will get wet, you will need an Oystercard and (hallelujah) you can use your mobile phone to help. There will not be a helicopter. There will be clues and challenges and lots of running around. It will be over by 4pm and everyone must descend on the Horniman pub, by the river at Southwark, for prize giving and, presumably, competitive drinking.

If you’re skint and lazy like us then you’ll have to make do with spectating or putting yourself in the way of teams rampaging wildly through the streets of London and offering help/hindrance as you see fit. Or you could take some photos of City Chasers framed by lovely London landmarks, post them on Flickr and tag them for Londonist.

Either way, don't forget your jumpsuit!

Image of competitors in the Sydney City Chase courtesy of The City Chase website.

Last Updated 19 July 2007