Pimms Urban Regatta

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Pimms Urban Regatta

We've only just recovered from the groin strain and hangovers of The Chap and Hendricks Olympiad and now another alcoholic silly sporting event has come along. Just as well we are all still in fine form after training so strenuously for the golden bowler hat in Bedford Square; time now for London's tipsy athletes to head over to Finsbury Square this Thursday afternoon for the Pimms Urban Regatta.

Pimms is hosting a Henley on dry land; the alcoholic beverage is sponsoring a boat race with no bottoms and no water. Teams can register to compete and turn up on the day, collect a free glass of Pimms and lemonade, a bottomless two or four person boat then approach the start line for the race. The race, as you can imagine, is going to be a very bizarre sight indeed, as each boat is powered by bipedal motion only - and the only wet stuff around is going to be spilled Pimms on the lawn. Obstacles will be strategically placed on the race course and competitors are encouraged to take their costume and team identity as seriously as they can.

Registration is free and bottomless boats will be provided - but for those with a creative flair, or perhaps a spare yacht lying around, competitors can enter with their own specially designed bottomless vessel for the race. Prizes will be given for decoration, style and seaworthiness.

Free glasses of Pimms will be distributed from the Pimms Routemaster bus (while stocks last!) for competitors and spectators alike - and if rain doesn't ironically stop play by flooding Finsbury Square, we reckon the Mayor's Summer of Sport is taking on a fabulously giddy and tipsy form.

The Pimms Urban Regatta, Thursday 26 July, from 4pm, Finsbury Square. Entry is free but if you are planning to compete, register through the Pimms Urban regatta website here.

Last Updated 24 July 2007