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Londonist Stays In

If you're not too busy reading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows or attending fabulous Londonist quizzes this week, here are are a few things to keep you occupied on a quiet night in.

On TV, Londonist likes:

Monday, 23 July

The Tower (BBC1, 22:35-11:25) It's episode 5 of this 8 part series, and it's all about the romance on the estate. Kelley and Wayne tie the knot with a large part of the estate there to wish them well, and newcomers Samia and Usman are getting on with their arranged wedding. Unfortunately for all the happy couples, the 7/7 bombings send shockwaves through the community.

The Wire (FX, 22:00-23:15) It's not about London, but as we've been told so many times that this is 'the best show that's ever been on television', we figured we should let you know that you can catch the whole series starting tonight. A cop show set in Baltimore in the US, this show has received huge critical acclaim and is reported to be addictive viewing. It's probably worth giving a try, as this may be one programme that lives up to the hype.

Wednesday, 25 July

Heroes (BBC2, 21:00-21:40) While we're recommending American programmes, we'd better mention that after finishing its run on Sci Fi, Heroes is debuting on terrestrial TV tonight. Forget about Superman, Wonder Woman and their friends, these are just normal people who happen to have superpowers, including an indestructible cheerleader, a slacker younger brother, his over achieving politician brother, an artist who can paint the future and, luckily for the viewer, a geek who knows all about superheroes and can fill us in on what we should expect. It starts a bit slowly, but it's good fun, and excellent summer viewing.

Saturday, 28 July

British Film Forever (BBC2, 21:05-22:45) It's the Summer of British Film on BBC2, and "Guns, Gangsters, and Getaways: The Story of the British Crime Thriller" looks at, as the title suggests, thrillers from early Hitchcock films to the Guy Ricthie and gang films. Jessica Stevenson narrates , and the programme features tons of interviews including Michael Caine, Lord Attenborough, Kate Winslet, Bob Hoskins and Ewan McGregor.

On the radio, Londonist likes:

Monday, 25 July - Sunday, 29 July

BBC Proms 2007 (BBC Radio3 from 19:00 [Mon-Wed], 19:30 [Thurs-Sat] or 18:30 [Sun]) Once again, it's the Proms all week. To get your classics fix in comfort, why not stay in and listen? On Monday it's Hayden's The Seasons. Perfect for a summer that doesn't seem like summer.

Tuesday, 26 July

The Wikiepdia Story (BBC Radio 4, 11:30-12:00) Chances are you've used Wikipedia at least once, and if you're interested in learning more about how it started up, this is your chance. Clive Anderson looks at the website, which has many interesting entries about London. If you can't listen in the middle of the day, you can always listen again at your leisure.

Online, Londonist likes:

Daily Candy - Londonist loves finding out new and exciting things to do in London, and the Daily Candy's London edition of their free daily email keep us up to date on all things new and fabulous. With categories like Fashion, Food & Drink, Beauty, Arts & Culture and Fun, you're sure to find something to keep you amused. If you don't want your inbox getting cluttered up, the daily mail is always up on the site.

In New DJs We Trust: Kissy Sell Out - If you missed this great show from up and coming DJ Kissy Sell Out, you'll want to check it out on Radio 1's site. His show was deemed very ace by Londonist's music editor if you're into squelchy electro and leftfield pop.

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