Londonist Quiz!

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Londonist Quiz!

It’s a quiz, in a pub, with prizes!

We can’t claim to be the first to come up with that idea. But, by golly, are we going to use the opportunity to fact you till you fart.

There’ll be music, film, history, pictures, good old random trivia, maps and, oh all kinds of things. Every question will be about this fine old city of ours. So if you think you can out-nerd the Londonist team when it comes to London trivia, come and have a go.

Where: Upstairs, The Old Queen’s Head, 44 Essex Road.

When: 24 July, from 8pm

So when, would you say, should we turn up?: Ooo, maybe about 7ish, or earlier if you fancy. It’s not the biggest of rooms, so you’ll need to get there early to secure a table. But they reckon they can comfortably seat 40–60. We presume they mean 40–60 people and not, say, marmots.

How much?: £2 per person. That’s peanuts, that is. Well, actually, it’s about a bag and a half of peanuts. If we were compering it ourselves, it’d be free. But we’re drawing on the redoubtable talents of London’s foremost quizmasters – Messieurs Lee-Jay Bannister and Simon Williams. You might remember them from such quiz nights as You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat film quiz and See me after class school quiz. They’re ace, they are.

What can we win? A selection pack of London trivia books, a bottle of champagne, and your very own blue plaque. And that’s just for starters.

How do we enter? Turn up on the night. Although if you want to be nice to us, please email Londonist – at – to let us know, so we can get some idea of numbers.

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Oh, you've made me so happy. Seriously. Expect my team to have an argument about who gets to write the answers - physical blows a possibility - and to cry if we don't win. Or perhaps that will just be me.


this is making me obscenely happy! yay! many people are coming! I'll have the biggest and cleverest team in the whole palce! ra! don't worry though trivia fans; we'll also probably be the drunkest so won't get any of the answers right....


where you drunk when you wrote that? Because being drunk is a head start as you can talk to the many tramps who have superior knowledge of places to sleep when you can't find you way home because you lost everything to those bastards at that quiz you did that one time. Are you that person? Because only a true londONer could win a quiz in that state. Hang on, what am I saying steve?.....