London Cabbies Save Planet

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London Cabbies Save Planet

Well, ish. It's been announced that drivers of three thousand cabs now have the choice to use a new biofuel fuel mix. Each driver that opts for it will get their mitts on a nice green sticker to proudly stick to their windscreen.

A handful of cabs parked next to City Hall this morning for a photo opportunity to celebrate. Or it might have been to chauffeur certain London Assembly Members around, we're not sure.

So far, so nice. It's not going to have a massive impact, as the fuel is a 30% biofuel blend - the best it will do is cut CO2 emissions by 7%. But it's a step in the right direction. Personally, we only use black cabs after over-doing it at Londonist get-togethers in town, the rest of the time we prefer to use buses and our trusty bicycle as more affordable options - afterall Ken's already got some of his buses working on hydrogen cells and allsorts, and we use the money saved to make sure we over-do it again, next time.

One handy side-effect of the fuel is that cabs will be able to go 10% further on a full tank. So at night maybe they'll be able to take us to Elephant and Castle or perhaps even further South, now?

Image taken from germeister's Flickr stream

Last Updated 31 July 2007