First The Thames, Then The Arctic Ocean. Obviously.

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First The Thames, Then The Arctic Ocean. Obviously.

Once you've conquered the Thames by swimming its entire length in 21 days, what's next? A nice luxurious holiday? Perhaps some time to just relax with a takeaway and something good on the telly?

Not if you're Londonist's favourite swimmer Lewis Pugh. Then it's time for a nice brisk swim in the Arctic Ocean.

On Sunday 15th July, Pugh is going to attempt the first long distance swim at the North Pole. And why wouldn't he? The water will be a balmy minus 1.8 degrees Celsius and is apparently the coldest water any human has ever swum in.

He's not just doing it for kicks though. Pugh is hoping that this swim will draw more attention to global warming. After all, as he points out,

It shouldn’t be possible to swim at the North Pole! But it now is, and only due to climate change.

He'll swim along a crack in the ice towards the North Pole, and he'll do the whole thing clad in only a Speedo, cap and goggles. The whole thing makes us feel like putting on several jumpers and having a nice hot cup of tea, but we wish him luck.

To follow his journey, check out his website. Presumably he won't be writing updates from the water himself, but it should still have all the daily info.

Iceberg photo taken from nick_russill's Flickr photostream

Last Updated 09 July 2007