Swimmer Voms And Spews His Way Downriver

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Swimmer Voms And Spews His Way Downriver

Remember Lewis Pugh - the guy who's swimming the length of the Thames in the name of environmental awareness? Well, he's certainly managed to get one person to 'go green' - himself.

Pugh was hospitalized after suffering vomiting spells, and was diagnosed with an ear infection and sinus problems that his support team attribute to river water.

That diagnosis must have taken all their skill and judgment.

The hospitalisation was over a week ago. Fortunately, the plucky fellow soon made a recovery and is now back in the water. Pugh wrote in his diary a few days ago:

Now that the river is open and wide there should be less risk of being hit by a boat, which was very much the case on the higher reaches.

Strangely, his diary seems to have gone quiet since then. Either he spoke too soon about that boat, or the diary got too wet.

At the time of writing, his GPS page suggests that he's just coming up to Hampton Court, heading eastwards - let us know if you spot him. Despite our wry stance on the matter, we think what he's doing is brilliant, if a little loony.

Image nicked and adapted from Mike's Radar.

Last Updated 01 August 2006