Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

2007_07_sflimo.jpgWhile SFist cringed at the fatal dose of crime littering the Bay Area, it found solace in Hillary Clinton's San Francisco campaign headquarters opening, which featured loads of exposed mammary glands. In other news, SF Taxi Commission ruled that Satan's cab must keep its (in)famous medallion number, 666; and in an un-fashion-forward frenzy, San Francisco Fashion Week (chortle) bars bloggers from covering and getting smashed at their shows and parties, respectively. Also, they found a picture displaying the woes of cruising in a tacky limo on the streets of San Francisco.

Over at Chicagoist, readers weighed in with their favorite memories of a local concert venue celebrating its silver anniversary and railed about the passage f a statewide smoking ban for Illinois. The former Marshall Field's department store received bad publicity in the form of fruit flies in the food court and someone falling from the upper floors. And local residents worried about the possibility of increased pollution in Lake Michigan from an Indiana oil refinery.

This week, LAist invited five Guest Day Editors from the blogLAsphere to join them: Green LA Girl, Fred Camino of MetroRiderLA, Zuma Dogg, the LA City Nerd and previous LAist editor, Carolyn Kellogg. On Wednesday, the DEA raided 10 local medical marijuana clinics while TARGET's newest three-story store soft-launched to almost no one. Then there was Lindsay Lohan. Oh Lindsay.

Austinist welcomed the name change of a local lake to honor Lady Bird Johnson, and was surprised to find that Austin is a model for Iraqi reconstruction efforts. Nonstop rains of the past two months have led to a cricket infestation, plus A university professor claimed that obese girls are less likely to attend college, and another report showed that Austin's suburbs are among the fastest growing in the nation. Meanwhile, locals are up in arms over a secret Spoon show.

2007_07_spcrash.jpgSampaist was shocked when they went inside the building slammed by an airplane for the first time. On July 17 an Airbus 320 with 187 people aboard landing at Sao Paulo's Congonhas airport, Brazil's busiest, skidded off the runway, across a road and slammed into an airport building. See the pictures here.

This week, Londonist found out that London loves Facebook - that's a fact. We also learned that men can be burlesque as well as burly in the Male Tournament of Tease. With all the social networking and bare-bottomed men everyone is enjoying, Londonist held the first ever Londonist pub quiz - deemed such a success by one and all, the next one is already being compiled (with even harder questions and even better prizes...). Everyone went home smelling of roses, perhaps due to the smoking ban but sadly, it doesn't suit everyone. A sad and shocking shooting took place leaving a former heavyweight boxer critically ill after he confronted three men who were smoking in a club.

Phillyist isn't trying to tell you how to live your life or anything, but, well, they don't approve of your breakup methods and they don't think you should rule out the Counting Crows just because they're so 1993. They'd like to encourage you check out The Swell Season, Irish rocker Glen Hansard's side project or hot women covering classic rock, and maybe pick up a Spanish/English dictionary on your way. And, look! Pretty!

pflsign.JPGBostonist was charmed by the prankster who re-programmed a road sign to announce to the driving public that penis was being served for lunch. All the news outlets were coy when forced to discuss the male member. Needless to say, Bostonist had no such qualms. The residents of the Boston area aren't coy about anything, from getting free rides to auditioning for controversial reality shows to protecting a nearby 7-Eleven. Bostonist also went big with the sports this week. They found a link between German legend and baseball and helped dispel the bizarre rumor that Pats player Tedy Bruschi was dead.

Houstonist laughed out loud this week. 30 Rock funny man Judah Friedlander popped in for an interview and then Houston native Beyoncé took tumble during her recent performance. The mood was subdued when it was learned that fat girls are less likely to go to college. But, stories about aging hipsters failing to pick-up in trendy bars got us to smile again. Perhaps treating the hotties to a few cool lychee martinis would have helped.

DCist spent most of their week checking out all the offerings of the Capital Fringe Festival, but in between they contemplated adding trolley service to the city, thought about killing some pesky Canada Geese, and caught up with local band These United States out on the road.

Gothamist thinks it's in a golden age of NY State and NYC politics, if golden age means totally insane goings-on. A controversial City Councilman and his former staffer accused the Council speaker of racism and white supremacy while Governor Spitzer's staffers were accused of using the police to discredit a rival. Gothamist wondered if the 1 train really is the best subway of all and readied itself for likely subway and bus fare hikes. Redheads took the streets to demand their rights and during an mmminterview withTaylor Hanson, he told Gothamist that one fan got a larger-than-life-sized tattoo of his face on her back.

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