London Loves Facebook

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London Loves Facebook


Londonist loves Facebook, and we knew we weren't alone. The rest of London seems to agree with us.

Last week, London beat out Toronto for the top geographic network on the hugely popular social networking site. According to the Guardian, as of Friday there were 790,615 members in the London Network.

By our reckoning, today there are 819,908 London members, compared with 708,268 in Toronto, the next most popular network. The jump of 29,293 members in under a week isn't unusual – Facebook's user base is growing by 3% per week in the rest of the world, and 6% in London.

A search for London groups brings up over 500 groups, and includes everything from "I actualy [sic] quite like the London 2012 logo" with 9 members to "London is my playground " with 2,208 members. It seems unlikely you'd be unable to find at least one group of like-minded Londoners to chat with.

Of course, with Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg accused of stealing the idea from Harvard classmates and in court today to defend himself, the future of the site is up in the air.

Until then, though, we can rest secure in the knowledge that more of us are wasting time at work searching for old school friends and snooping at the pages of ex-partners than any other city in the world.

Well done, London. Well done.

Last Updated 25 July 2007