Drink The Tube

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Drink The Tube

Tube stop pub crawls seem like a great idea, especially when you’ve already had a few and are enthusiastically planning the next lot of drinking high jinx, possibly in fancy dress.

However, the reality of getting round even the most popular Circle Line pub crawl (27 pubs, 28 drinks in 12 hours) ceases feeling like fun by about stop 10 when all you want to do is sit down and sleep and never, ever drink again. Or use the tube. Or throw up on the tube.

The mistake most tube stop pub crawlers make is trying to cram it all into one day.

Enter Ian, Matt and Ringo, then, who took an incredibly measured and dedicated approach to the tube stop pub crawl task visiting every stop on the network and drinking in the nearest pub over a leisurely five years. No instant gratification for these guys, their minimum “crawl” was just 4 pubs, rising to 18 if they’d had a really big breakfast. The trio finished off the 275 stop tour just before midnight last Thursday at North Ealing, having ticked off the final 16 stops of their underground drinkathon.

In a statement that smacks of hungover depression, the boys said:

I don't know what we're going to do now, it's going to leave a big hole in our lives.

Battered tube map image courtesy of Gywst’s Flickrstream

Last Updated 30 July 2007