City Hall Would Make A Good Venue for G-A-Y, Says Boffmeister

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City Hall Would Make A Good Venue for G-A-Y, Says Boffmeister

With the news that Boris Johnson is polling 6% ahead of Ken Livingstone among current voting intentions in the capital, were he to be selected, you might think that his rivals for the Tory nomination would just quietly throw in the towel and get behind the man. Not Andrew Boff, who, as we noted previously is not one to take a hint from the electorate, and has taken some time to give a lengthy interview to While he's still in the running, we're duty-bound to extend coverage to all candidates and not be seduced by the blond buffoon's media offensive.

Here's how The Boff sees the differences between the main parties:

You've got the Liberals with their sandal-wearers, you've got the Labour party with their socialists, who are now completely marginalized. In our party, we've got people who feel there is something else about the party. Queen and country, but that's always been the case.

And on his putative opponent:

Ken is a Zone One mayor, he loves Zone One, he loves the importance of the City Hall, which as far as I'm concerned should be turned into something else - it would make a good venue for G-A-Y.

And they say Boris has a knack for saying stupid things in the vicinity of journalists. Or perhaps that was part of The Boff's plan. Mayor Boff though, doesn't really have a plausible ring to it, does it?

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Last Updated 30 July 2007